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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

To produce demand oriented Civil Engineering Graduates with good acumen and Perception along with the latest and sophisticated technologies.


To occupy as one of the best performing Engineering Departments and to become the best contributor for the infrastructure development of our country.


To conduct Training camps and Seminars for the students to accustom them with the present modern technologies. To Create Research & Development wing to improve innovative skills of student community.


To become a centre of excellence with the participation of faculty and student community. To setup a major consultancy centre to cater to the needs of the surrounding areas. Civil Engineering Department was newly established from the academic year 2008-2009 With a sanctioned intake of 60 from A.I.C.T.E.
Prof. M.Anjan Kumar is Head of the Department of Civil Engineering. Common Subjects in the department are handled by HBS, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering Departments.

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Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering Computer Science Engineering Studying for a Computer Science and Engineering degree is exciting enough as it will open the doors to very cool jobs. It is truly amazing to catch the trend with GIET. Because GIET takes care to maximize the learning opportunities by keeping up-to-date and continuous with highly qualified and richly experienced faculty to meet the present requirement at global scenario. The department has state-of the art infrastructure which includes.

1. Ultramodern laboratories with multiple platforms like Unix, Windows and Apple
2. Separate Project room with touch screen boards
3. Network connection through three different providers
4. Multimedia lab with apple computers
5. 200 computers with LAN

Software Engineering Association (SEA), established in 2004, is a body attached to this Department to look after the department-related activities to enhance the intellectual faculty of its members through project consultations, expert lectures, group interactions, seminars and paper presentations, etc. It has its own CD library. “Bits and Bytes” is an in-house magazine published by SEA.

To produce Computer Science & Engineering Graduates, who are original in thinking and innovative in approach and become useful citizens of the Society.

To become best performing Computer Science & Engineering Department in the Country and to contribute effectively to Industry, Research & Development and Social Engineering.

To create Research & Development Cell to accelerate Research & Development in the Department. To conduct Industry relevant Training Programmes for students so that they are ready for Industry. To enhance Training and Placement activities so that the Department achieves 90% of employment to all eligible candidates. To work closely with Industry in developing curriculum commensurate with Industry needs.
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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree is a stepping stone to a wide range of careers ranging from computer science to business. GIET prepares sound ground to equip the students to this creative engineering streak. The facilities at the department include:

  1. Electrical Machinery Labs
  2. Power Electronics Labs
  3. Electrical Workshop
  4. Control Systems Lab
  5. Power Systems Lab

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering), is a connected body with this department to organize activities like group discussions, seminars, paper contests, panel discussions, technical meets, etc. Online interactions with technical persons and projects models is a common activity of its members. A guest lecture by WIPRO. Vice President in March, 2011 reflects the activities of IEEE.

To be a pioneering department in preparing students to compete globally in their profession, to reach the highest levels of intellectual attainment, making significant contributions to society.


Department of EEE will strive continuously

     To be the center of excellence with focus on advanced technology
     To prepare the students for successful career based on a strong moral and ethical foundations
     To advance the state – of – art in electrical and electronics Engineering
     To train and educate students as Global Citizens to become entrepreneurs in their chosen field

  • To serve the Rural Community for its enrichment and advancement.
  • To secure autonomy in Two years.
  • To improve the students Academic performance to 100%.
  • To improve Campus placements to 100%.
  • To set up a research development laboratory and to motivate the Faculty and Students in Research and Publication work.
  • To ensure faculty and staff development for effective teaching learning process.
  • To forge strong alliances with sister institutions and industries.
  • To initiate the R & D work.
  • To conduct as many as bridge courses
  • To enter MOU’s with as many industries as possible
  • To enhance employability of students

Intake of Students
No. Of students Intake: 60

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Electronics & Comm Engineering

Electronics & Comm Engineering
This discipline has its own stake and importance among other engineering disciplines as it prepares students to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of electrical, electronic and related communications systems and their components. Therefore, GIET has invested considerable resources in providing the exceptional facilities like

  1. Analog Communications lab
  2. Digital Communications lab
  3. Pulse and digital circuits lab
  4. Microwave and optical communications lab
  5. Microprocessors and microcontrollers lab
  6. (DSP) Digital signal processing lab
  7. Digital IC Applications lab
  8. Linear IC Applications lab
  9. Electronics and Circuit Analysis lab
  10. Electronics and Devices Circuits lab

Another prominent feature of this departments is IETE (Institute Of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering ) forum formed at 2002. IETE has organized “Medha” – a national – level paper contest; Srastha 2K4 national-level symposium. These are some of the activities which unveiled the talent of the members. IETE talent has no boundaries here.

  • Establish a school of electronics – a center of excellence.
  • Develop leadership qualities amongst the students.
  • Promote industry and institution interaction.

Overall personality development of student in tune with industry needs.

  • Moulding the students and raising their confidence levels to perform the best in the industry and society.
  • Motivating students to be a part of professional organizations like IEEE & IETE
  • Tie-up with renowned industries
  • Achieve 100% Academic Results
  • Conduct bridge courses to fulfill the needs of the industry
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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Students of this discipline will have the advantage of studying not only with a leading engineering department but also with the institute with a number of distinctive strengths. The programme is well supported by excellent faculty and top-class learning facilities. Full-fledged resource labs are available to the students in the areas of:

  1. Applied Thermodynamics
  2. Thermal Engineering
  3. CAD/CAM
  4. Metal Forming
  5. Machine Tools
  6. Metal Casting
  7. Metrology and Instrumentation

Notable characteristic of this department is Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) established in 2002. It is actively involved in the academic and personal support-activities for the students like group discussions, quiz, seminars etc., This association members are known for outstanding performance in technical paper contests. Mr Lal, ONGC Asset Manager KG Project, Rajahmundry was very much impressed with the activities of MEA, and donated books to the department library.


To Procedure industry oriented Mechanical Engineering Graduates with good acumen and Perception in all the mechanical subjects that are more eligible to suite to the industries with the latest and sophisticated technologies.


To occupy as one among the best performing Mechanical Engineering Department and to become the best contributor for the development of our country industrially.

  • To conduct industry oriented Training camp for the students to acclimatize them with the present modern technologies.
  • To Create Research & Development wing to improve their innovative thought that facilitates their contribution in up dating the technology.
  • To enhance their expertise and skill to make them suitable for the sophisticated industries.
  • To enhance their vision and approach to bring further sophistication in industries.
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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

This Department has started in the year 2009-10. The syllabus of the First Year B.Tech. in PETROLEUM Engineering is same as that of First Year Mechanical Engineering. Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas. Exploration and Production are deemed to fall within the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.
Petroleum Engineering is a combination of innovation ,exploration and expansion .This program trains students in petroleum engineering and focuses primarily on exploration and production of oil and gas . This stream provides a good knowledge of many other related disciplines such as geophysics , petroleum geology , drilling ,economics ,reservoir simulation ,reservoir engineering and gas facilities engineering.


Our vision is to see the energy industry transformed through our graduates and researchers by translating fundamental scientific discovery into applied industry applications.


Our mission is

  • To keep abreast with latest technological advancements to enhance the R and D activities.
  • To groom students with leadership skills, professional ethics, transparency and accountability along with technical knowledge.
  • To create a vibrant research environment in collaboration with organizations of national and international repute.
  • The Institution’s distinctive characteristics is reflected through its’ goals and objectives.

Intake of Students
No. Of students Intake: 60

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Drilling Fluids LAB

Petroleum Analysis LAB

Instrumentation & Process Control LAB

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Lab

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