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Faculty Quarters

GIET College Of Engineering is located at the outskirts of Rajahmundry. It is located in Chaitanya Knowledge City, G.I.E.T campus which is beside NH-16. It is 13kms. away from Rajahmundry R.T.C bus complex with bus facility at a frequency of 5 minutes. It is about 15kms. away from Rajahmundry railway station. It is 15kms. away from Madurapudi airport.

  • Chaitanya Nagar, NH-16,Rajahmundry.
  • East Godavari Dist.
  • Andhra Pradesh-533296.
  • Tel:+91-883-2484822,55,66,31
  • Fax:+91-883-2484739.
  • Email:

Food Courts & Canteen

Food Courts & Canteen
Faculty Quarters

The students and staff of GIET need not venture out the college for refreshments. The Cafeteria with the vicinity of campus serves up some delectable stuff even as the visitors can indulge in a free-wheeling . The kitchen is spic and span, the waiters are obliging and the place is a much popular joint with the students and staff.


The students and staff members of GIET have access to a full-fledged gym on the campus with a professional trainer to guide the physical work-outs. The gym features latest equipment including the following Equipment:

SNO Equipment Available
1 Elliptical Cross Trainer 1
2 Fan Bikes 4
3 Sit up Benches 4
4 Chrome Plates Steel 100 Kgs
5 Steel Dumbbells 56 Kgs
6 5 ft Rods 4 No’s
7 6 ft Rods 4 No’s
8 Multi Functional Thread Mills 4
9 12 Station Gym 1


At GIET, we believe that life outside the classroom should be equally rich and rewarding. We regard physical well being is as important as academic achievement. We have built up a wealth of opportunities for sports facilities for the students. They include:

SNO Equipment Available
1 Badminton 3 Courts (1 women , 2 Men)
2 Basket Ball Cement Layered Court (31 * 18 mts)
3 Cricket field 2 (GIET – 55mts , 45 mts)
4 Foot ball Field 1 (100 * 50 yards)
5 Kabaddi 2 Courts
6 Table Tennis 2 Tables
7 200 mts Athletic Track 2
8 Volley Ball 6( 14 * 28 mts)
9 Throw Ball for Women 2
10 Cricket Net Practice 4 Courts
11 Snooker Table 1
12 Chess 20 Boards
13 Carr-oms 4 Boards
14 Shuttle Courts 4

Experienced Physical Education Directors

GIET offers an extensive program for students to hone their sporting skills. They are also provided an opportunity to prove their mettle by competing in the local leagues.

Name   Dr.C. Manjrekar Henry , M.P.Ed, Ph.D
Designation   Professor in Physical Education
Experience  16 Years
Specialization  Cricket

Name   N.Nagendra Varma , M.P.Ed 
Designation   Assistant Professor in Physical Education
Experience  7 Years
Specialization  Athletics


A fleet of College-owned buses are run for the conveyance of day-scholars in and around the places and villages surrounding Rajahmundry. The buses are put through a strict and periodic inspection to ensure they are in good condition and the drivers are subject to a strict safety code of conduct.

Hygienic Dinning Halls

Hygienic Dinning Halls

Banking Facility with ATM

24- Hours Clinical Facility

Clinical Facility

The GIET campus houses a Healthcare Centre with all the necessary equipment, accessible to the students and staff for any emergency care round-the-clock. The Health Care Centre enlists the services of medical professionals who are available at the campus in turns including a residential doctor. The Healthcare Centre organizes wellness awareness programmes from time to time for the benefit of the students and staff. Integral part of GIET Healthcare Centre is a fitness club with managed under the aegis of trained fitness professionals.

Separate TV Room & Reading Room Provided in Hostel

Library & Computer Centre

A well-stocked, media-rich library is yet another remarkable feature of GIET. Substantial time, efforts and financial resources have been spent to develop the library so that it leaves nothing to be desired. Apart from housing a large collection of volumes related to diverse streams of engineering education, the Library subscribes to over 400 prestigious journals of national and international repute. The library has an exclusive space reading room and an audio-visual section.

The two Computer Labs at GIET is a state-of-the-art resource center with high-speed internet accessibility, about 900 terminals and 300 peripherals/printers. The students can access the facility according to their convenience any time round-the-clock. The labs are equipped with the latest software relevant to and recommended for engineering education and research. The computer labs are manned by qualified and competent professionals who are committed and always close at hand whenever the students need support.

Books in the library

S. No Departmen Volumes Titles
1. EEE 4764 916
2. ECE 5010 921
3. MECH 5013 909
4. CSE 4758 927
5. IT 3256 776
6. CIVIL 2012 434
7. MINING 1768 365
8. AUTOMOBILE 1759 369
9. M. TECH
i) CAD/CAM 1113 512
ii) CSE 1025 423
iii) POWER SYSTEMS 1207 518
iv) DECS 906 413
v) SOFTWARE ENGG 1215 572
vi) VLSI & EMBEDDED 405 158
vii) STRUCTURAL ENGG 512 163
viii) THERMAL ENGG 206 57
34929 8433
10. MBA 6527 688
11. MCA 10513 1367
51969 10478

Journals in the library

S. No Department Journals Online Journals
Indian Indian Foreign
1. EEE 12 30 12
2. ECE 18 34 12
3. MECH 18 34 14
4. CSE 12 28 14
5. IT 6 32 13
6. CIVIL 6 32 16
7. MINING 6 12 10
8. AUTOMOBILE 6 16 12
9. M. TECH
i) CAD/CAM 6
ii) CSE 12
iv) DECS 6
10. MBA 24 68 162
11. MCA 24 38 20
198 324 285

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